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"The residents of Southampton County and The City of Franklin are truly dedicated, hard working, and caring people. I look forward to bringing my 25 years of law enforcement experience to the Southampton County Sheriff’s Office. This election is about who best possesses the vision, leadership and experience to be your next Sheriff. Together, we will build a sheriff’s office that is Accountable, Focused, and Engaged."


Like most communities throughout this nation, our county and city are at a crossroads and face challenges. We need strong, proven leaders to step up and tackle these challenges head-on. For over 25 years, I have dedicated my life to law enforcement, rising through the ranks, handling complex investigations, managing million-dollar budgets, completing the FBI National Academy, being an FBI LEEDA Trilogy recipient, and earning the respect of peers throughout the region. I am concerned about law enforcement's direction in Southampton County, and I feel my proven experience can bring a new direction and vision to our community.


As your next Sheriff, I will build a Sheriff's Office that is Accountable to our citizens. We will strive to become an accredited agency with tested, modern policies and procedures. We will work to build trust between law enforcement and our citizens.


As Sheriff, I will be Focused on the men and women who comprise the Sheriff's Office. We will work hard to give them the tools and resources to serve and protect. We will recruit qualified individuals and work hard to retain them. We will create a culture where our staff is respected and valued. Our people are our most valuable resource.

We will be Engaged with our citizens. Engagement is more than a photo op! Engagement is a commitment to create a culture of service where each agency member takes ownership of what happens in your community and given the authority to partner with that community to improve the quality of life for all.


Lastly, As Sheriff, PROFESSIONALISM will drive everything we do as an organization. We will build strong relationships with our law enforcement partners in the region. We will create an environment where citizens are safe to work, play and travel throughout Southampton County and the City of Franklin.

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