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Tara May

Lieutenant Alexandria Police Department, VA

I had the privilege to attend the FBI National Academy with Tommy Potter during the summer of 2022.  From the first time we met, I knew he had a genuine passion and sincere commitment to the community he serves and to his profession.  When Tommy spoke of an investigation that he had firsthand knowledge of, you could sense his true passion to bring justice to the victim, their family, and the community as a whole. 


True leaders in law enforcement are individuals who are humble, listen to their residents and who have the insight to adjust with the modern times in policing ideologies.  Tommy is a true leader.  He is passionate about his employees and the citizens within his community. 


The FBI National Academy has only accepted the top 1% of law enforcement executives worldwide.  It was an honor to attend this training with Tommy Potter and connect with a true law enforcement professional who still has a passion to serving his community.  As a graduate of the National Academy, Tommy has a worldwide law enforcement network that will help the Southampton County Sheriff’s Office move forward into the future.

Guy Knight

Lieutenant - Seaside Police Department 

Tommy Potter is a true leader who takes pride in his work, his community, and those he serves. He is a man of high moral character and believes in doing what is right.

Henry King

Chief of Police for the Town of Edenton, NC

Dear Fellow Citizens of Southhampton County and the City of Franklin, 

I have served for the past twenty-five years in law enforcement. I am currently the Chief of Police for the Town of Edenton, NC. Mr. Tommy Potter possesses the cardinal principles and attributes to become your next sheriff.


I met Tommy almost one year ago while attending FBI National Academy. While thinking about Tommy, I concluded that the citizens of Southampton County would benefit from him being your next sheriff.


Tommy expressed his plans to serve the local community and, as always, displayed integrity while doing so. Over the years, this candidate has been the future focus and contributed to his family, church, and community.
Being a Chief of Police, Tommy exhibits leadership skills on a daily basis. Tommy is an incredible manager who takes his craft and profession seriously. He has led and oversaw many successful projects during his law enforcement career. 

Tommy has been faithful to his faith, his church, and to God. Tommy continues to stay devoted to serving the community and will help enhance the quality of life in Southampton County. 

In short, Tommy Potter will make a difference as your next sheriff. The citizens of Southampton County should always welcome candidates as promising as Tommy

Hamid Ghiasi

Former U.S. interpreter from Afghanistan 

I had the privilege of working alongside Mr Tommy Potter in a challenging environment in Afghanistan. He is a man of talents and generosity.  From my point of view, his leadership skills were absolutely incredible and he was achieved all the milestones that needed to be achieved. 


He is a great leader, a wonderful person, and a brilliant friend and brother!! 


I am proud of you my brother!! 

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Keith Grounsell

Police Chief Laurens, SC

I had the privilege of serving alongside Tommy Potter in a challenging environment overseas, specifically in Afghanistan. As a team leader, Tommy continuously demonstrated remarkable resilience and determination while accomplishing seemingly impossible tasks. His leadership skills were instrumental in not only achieving our objectives but also supporting and guiding other teams throughout our mission.


What sets Tommy apart is his innate ability to lead with compassion and integrity. He genuinely cares about the well-being of those he serves and possesses a strong moral compass that guides his decision-making. His extensive knowledge and expertise in law enforcement further contribute to his success as a leader.


Having witnessed Tommy's exceptional qualities firsthand, I wholeheartedly endorse him for the position of sheriff. With his unmatched dedication, unwavering ethics, and natural leadership abilities, Tommy Potter is undeniably the right choice to lead and protect your community.

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R. Wilson

Major Palm Beach Gardens

I had the distinct pleasure of attending the 283rd session of the FBI’s National Academy last summer and it was there where I first met Tom Potter.  An instant friendship was formed and over the ten-week period, I got to know him very well.  His strong leadership skills and contemporary approach to being an executive law enforcement professional were evident and because of this we developed a quick bond and lasting friendship.  I believe Tom Potter has the experience, integrity, and foresight to lead as a Sheriff.  I would highly recommend him for the position. 

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